Friday, September 26, 2008

One stone patio, two garden boxes, three sore fingers and more...

It's been a whirlwind week. I seem to be having many of them lately!

This week's project was laying a stone patio from our walkout basement doors. It's been a few weeks in the planning, but this week was the "action" week.

So, here's how our week started.

MONDAY: It poured like mad and then poured some more. Then, just when we thought it may end, it rained some more! No delivery of road crush for our was just too wet!

TUESDAY: The sun came out and the delivery trucks arrived. At 0800 am (it was so nice of them to arrive sooooo very early) we got our road crush dumped on our driveway. The trucks were originally going to dump everything in the back yard, but could not because of the rain on Monday). Then a few minutes after the dump truck arrived, along came our 5 pallets of stones. These were also dumped on our driveway for us to carry ourselves into our backyard.

Now, one thing I should mention is that we live on a walkout lot, that means a huge slope between the front yard and the backyard...really fun when you have 130 fifty pound stones to bring into the backyard!!!

WEDNESDAY: The stones made it from the front yard to the back yard. That doesn't seem like much...but my aching arms and sore muscles can tell you that it was quite a bit for one day! Oh yeah, I forgot, we also built my garden boxes. Two 8x4 foot beds built with landscaping ties...which are incredibly heavy once assembled!

THURSDAY: The Bobcat came, dug out our patio area. The Bobcat helped us to move some of the road crush to the dug out area. My brother in law came and helped my husband begin the project.

FRIDAY: I went to work while my brother in law and husband continued the project. I came home mid afternoon to a beautiful sight. They had laid 80% of the stones and it looked AMAZING!! It was finally coming together.

Also, we recruited a neighbor passing by to help move the incredibly heavy garden boxes into the backyard and that became my project. I got a shovel and went to work...

It's now 10pm on Friday and I am wiped. My DH is sitting beside me watching UFC falling asleep (which means he is exhausted if he is falling asleep watching UFC)

All in all, a REALLY productive week. I am looking forward to next spring when we will really be able to enjoy the backyard and I can plant a garden!

I'll take pictures and post them later.


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Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Wow I'm impressed! That sounds like A LOT of work! I'm sure it will be beautiful when you're done tho!