Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I watched "The Bucket List" last night!

Ok, so I have to tell as story today (wait a minute, isn't that what I do every time I come here?!!) Anyhow, here goes...
When the movie Notebook first came out, I told my husband that I really wanted to see it. He categorized it as a "chick flick" and was not interested in seeing it. So time went by and the movie came out on DVD, still he did not want to rent it. I thought about renting it anyhow and having a girls night, but never got around to it. Well, about a month ago, Notebook was on TV. My husband was happy do his own thing that night and I watched it. WOW, I couldn't believe that after all this time no one gave away the ending to me (and I won't do that to you now if you are one of the people who have not yet seen the movie). So after more than 3 years of waiting, I have to admit that is was worth the wait. What an ultimate love story! Yes, I was crying... ok, I cried TONS, but I am not afraid to admit it!
So that leads me to last night's movie "The Bucket List", this is one that my husband saw without me. WOW, again what a movie to pull at the heartstrings. My husband's mother lost the battle with cancer almost 2 years ago and I think that made this movie hit really close to home. It was a good movie, how can you really go wrong with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson... REALLY! I am not a quote the movie kinda gal, but there is one from the movie that is worth sharing (not to mention that I really like). It's when a woman is describing the sky as seen from the heights of the Himalayans. Can you imagine being here? Ok the quote goes like this: "Stars are like little holes in the floor of heaven" That just gave me a whole new way to look at the night sky. I am a bit of a romantic (ok, a HUGE romantic) so that one hit me.
So, there it is, hope I didn't build it up too much!

Just for fun (on a completely different note). Here's a layout that I did this week. It's one of the firsts since CHA. I am looking forward to scrappin' again. I am thinking that a weekend away to scrap is in order...I need to get my "girls" hooked on the idea too so that we can escape together!

Well, chat with ya later...and keep your eye on our kit club's blog as we will be giving stuff away this week (


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A step back to CHA!

Yesterday began as a glum day, I thought we were going to have rain for most of the day. It turns out, that it just rained until mid-morning then was beautiful. We spent the day with my sister and her 4 kids. It's always fun at my sister's because she has so many cool toys that we don't have and my kids love to be there.
I was waiting for my friend/business partner to come back from holidays to get her pics so that I could share with you who we met. If you are reading this you probably have already read our kit club blog, and seen the pics of us with Tim Holtz and Ali Edwards. There is one more pic that I got that I really wanted -that's Courtney Walsh and I. She wrote "Scrapbooking you Faith" and is a contributing editor for Memory Makers magazine. It was so nice to meet her and she even asked me to email her the pic we took -how cool is that?After speaking with her for a few minutes, I just really felt that we shared many similar experiences. It was pretty cool in my eyes -she may not remember me because she meets so many people, but I will not forget that moment!
Anyhow, that's what I had to share for today! So if some of you are Courtney Walsh fans, know that she is a great person.
Otherwise, have a great day. I have a "business" day ahead of me, my "to do" list involves quite a bit of running around -but it all gets Bree and I closer to our goal. L8R!


Monday, July 28, 2008

I've been busy!

I managed to get a page done. But, I submitted it for you will have to wait to see until I found out if it's been chosen or not. If it doesn't get chosen, I will post it here. If it will have to wait for the January issue of Scrapbook Trends.

Anyhow, I had a great weekend with the fam. After the zoo on Friday we weren't too sure what to do to top it. The result, we went to a splash park with the kids and some close friends. We had always heard "rave reviews" of the place and, I have to agree, it was awesome. There was a splash park and playground in an enclosed area (so we didn't have to worry about losing the kids)! We packed a picnic, a change of clothes and towels and headed out for the day. The weather cooperated and the kids were so happy. There was a skate park beside the splash park and my son spent most of his time watching the boarders (now that's a sport that makes me nervous...all that concrete!) My daughter was so entertaining...she would go up to the spouts/sprinklers, get a few drops of water on her belly, then run back to tell me "I get wet!!" She did this about 100 times in the first hour. She had more fun running back and telling us about her adventures in her 2 year old language (but I could understand her and that's all that matters).
All in all, Saturday was a blast and, once again, the kids slept like logs (hmmm, do logs really sleep?) Anyhow...
I was also able to connect with a treasured friend that I hadn't seen since school got out...isn't that the case with summers. We always think that we will have so much more time to do things and, well, we don't!
My friend has a blog that you should check out if you need inspiration in this busy world. She is grounded in Christ... and built upon a solid foundation. I love her! Check her out:

Have a great week, I know that I have a great one planned -I'm going shopping for my kit club. I have so many yummy great things that are coming my way (then getting packaged and off to the lucky people buying the kits!)


Saturday, July 26, 2008

work or play? which one...which one...

I try to be a focused person, but right now I am really struggling with having a business mind and having a need to do something creative with my hands. I really want to be making an awesome layout instead of "working" right now.
I keep trying to tell myself to "work now and play later" (but the desire to play now is REALLY strong!!!) I will persevere and get what I need to get done, but play time is coming really soon.
So, we had a family day yesterday and it was fantastic. We took the kids to the zoo (not a great zoo for adults, but the BEST ZOO EVER for a 4 and 2 year old. It was nice to let them run from animal to animal and hear of how they recognized them from so of the TV shows they watch. The best part was when our son decided to hoot with the owls. They didn't react at first, but then all the owls in one display started hopping toward the sound. It was pretty funny!
Today is a new adventure...we've kinda set the bar for the weekend beginning with the zoo, hopefully we can maintain it!! If the weather cooperates, maybe we will hit the waterslides today. We were supposed to be camping right now but decided to stay home and have a "staycation" (I love that term) So now we are going to fill our time with fun stuff. The rest of the weekend should be fun (and when the kids go to sleep tonight I'm sneaking down to my studio to have some fun of my own).


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting into a routine!

So, I've decided to start waking up before my husband and kids and get my "me" time in. That also means that I have precious moments before I have a bustling house and no time for myself.

Yesterday, I think I spent more time on the computer than normal...way more. But it is all with a view to getting myself organized. I am anticipating the return of my friend B, so that we can download pics and start planning for our scrapbooking kit club. We are debuting a brand new scrapbooking kit club on 1 September. We have to place our orders soon in order to get all the product in (that's going to be sooooooo exciting). My eyes will be as big as a kid in a candy store when the product arrives on our door step!

I thought it would be nice for you to see some of my work, and I really want to show you. However, I have just entered the 2009 Memory Makers Master Contest and my best work is in a package on it's way to Cincinnati OH. So, until I create something new (oh and until I find my studio's desktop...) you will have to see some of my not so recent work.
Here are some cards that I made for my son's preschool teachers. They are made with scraps. I really want to reuse my "bits" and try very hard to be conscious of my "waste".

My recycling bin is more full that my garbage can most weeks (but that's another post).

These cards are not by best work, but if you like them, then you are sure to love what's to come in
the days/weeks/months ahead.

So stay tuned for more!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I've taken the leap!

My friends have been telling me to start blogging for soooo long. I have dabbled, but not committed to it. Now, after having gone to CHA over the weekend, I am committing to it. I am taking the leap, putting myself out there and answering the call of so many friends.

So, between the kids, my husband, housecleaning and everything else...I am going to let you get to know me. I am looking forward to the adventure!