Monday, September 15, 2008

Where did last week go??

If anyone knows where I lost last week, I would love to have it back!

It's been another "busier than expected" week.

I can hardly remember where the days went and am struggling right now to recall exactly what I did last week.

So I will attempt to recall my week's events.

Tuesday (I feel like this is going to be a little like a Sesame Street kid's book)

It was Robert's first day of playschool. Robert went to meet his new teachers for the morning and Reese and I had a girls morning out. We went to Starbucks, no espresso for Reese and then to the grocery store. We "lollygagged" around the grocery store and had a bagel -of which we took the empty bag to the cashier! It was fun, Reese is such a girly girl when she doesn't have to defend herself again her brother!

Wednesday (have you ever ready Grover's "days of the week" story?)

Bree came over after having receiving her long awaited package in the mail and we frantically packed our kits. I drooled over all of her goodies and was jealous for all of the people getting the kits. There were not many leftovers (which sometimes there are) and that made me sad. was so much fun to open the package and discover what was inside (although we were the ones who ordered it!!)

Thursday -it's blur, I cannot really remember!!!

Oh wait, I had a meeting in the evening for Women's Ministry at our church. I will be leading a study on the book Captivating by Stasi Eldridge! I have been wanting to do this study for over a year and now the opportunity has come! I have heard great things about this book. Rob studied Wild at Heart last year, it was written by Stasi's husband John Eldridge. It's a book that truly reveals the heart of every man.
If you have the opportunity to read this book, it WILL impact your life!


I had coffee with a close friend, it moved into lunch too! Then I spent about 1 hour (with husband and children) in Best Buy!! I am forcing a smile when I write that it was fun! We had already done all of our homework and were simply going into the store to pay for the TV. Well...I am thankful that Best Buy is such a children friendly store, so I could just sit back and let the kids play for the HOUR that it took to pay for the TV!!!
About the whole experience I could only was God's grace that got me through that experience...and I have a happy husband today!


It was a busy, but fun, weekend. We went scoping out stones for our stone patio that we will be building soon. That was fun and the kids did so well. We also found some stones that we really like. Then it was off for supper with Papa, Nana, Auntie and her kids at Montana's!
I did manage a little scrappin' this weekend...

I made some cards, one for my SIL's birthday! It was fun to find the time to sneak down to my studio!

So, there's my week in review.
It's been a long post, that's my punishment for not finding the time during the week. Lesson learned (hopefully)

Have a great week.



Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Sounds like you had a busy week! I love your cards - so cute and colorful! LOVE that owl!

Deanna said...

totally have rad Grover's Days of the Week! Sounds like a good week! I really want to read that book--Captivating! And I LOVE your cards, esp. the Happy B'day one! They both look great! :D