Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a day it was...

Yesterday and today have been such exciting days.

Bree and I launched our website yesterday and the orders are coming in...

it's nice to know that you agree with our choice of kits.

Today was a busy day for Bree and I. We made all of the finishing touches on October's kits and packed some kits for shipping! It REALLY is exciting to be IN business.

Also, we planned some family time today. It may not be much, but we went grocery shopping as a family. Robert and Reese are always excited to go get groceries with Dad (for some reason he is way more interesting that JUST Mom!) When we got home Robert came up to me and said "Movver, you are a good Movver! You need to know that." He said it so matter of factly, like it needed to be said and I needed to hear it! My heart melted and my reply was "Robert, you are a great son" -to which he replied "Yes, I am!"

Kids are great for keeping us grounded, but also for making us feel as though we are on cloud nine!
Another mountain we are climbing is potty training with Reese. She has finally decided that she is ready to "commit" to this adventure. We did fairly well for the first day. She only had a couple of accidents, realizing a little too late what was happening. One "gooder" for the books was tonight though.
We went out to play in the yard. I kept reminding Reese to tell Mommy if she had to pee. After about 1/2 hour, she came up to me and said "Mommy, I poo-poo!" I totally did not see that coming. We lifted her skirt to confirm and it was very prominent in her undies. Yep...that was a great one to clean... Even when Reese and I returned (after a good cleaning and an outfit change) Rob was still in stitches laughing at the whole scene (next time it's Dad's turn to clean)!

So pray for potty training...it's the biggest obstacle we face as a family! But, if it works we will be diaper free and movin' onto the next stage (just a little bit of freedom at a time!)

By the way...Smarties are the greatest motivator for our little girl. It was Reese's pieces for Robert (funny thing that Reese's pieces do NOT motivate Reese!!!!)


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