Thursday, October 2, 2008

I need to be everywhere!

I have no pics from our landscaping project yet...

The stone patio is complete though and it looks great. We are also building a base for our shed and we will be able to empty the garage a little in preparation for the winter months.

Bree is back from her escapades (in New Brunswick with Hurricane Kyle). Check out her blog for a really cute pic of her in the midst of the hurricane!

I am just running around today, but plan on posting some cards that I made over the last couple of days. (that's tonight's activities).

I am actually posting from my DH's work computer while waiting for my son to finish playschool (as my daughter is emptying out my husband's desk drawers). I guess I should clean up the mess before I jet!

...well, maybe I'll just leave the mess as a mark that we were here!!

I'll let you know how that goes over when I post later today!!

Off to pick up my son now...have a great day!



Bree said...

I'm absolutely DIEING to see you new patio.

what excuse can I come up with to invite myself over?


Hey Camille,

i just made these yummy brownies, and I made 2 batches by mistake.... can I just come by and drop them off for you......

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Have a great day Camille! Can't wait to see your cards!