Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shedding some light!

Yesterday we spent some time visiting with a friend (and her 5 kids) that we haven't managed to see in almost 3 weeks. It was nice to just sit back and let the kids play.

Also, an update, potty training is going (Not well, not poorly) and we are averaging 3 pair of underwear daily (I think that's manageable...I pray it gets better) I realize now there is no turning back to diapers and I have to simply move forward...hopefully Reese is ready to do that with me!

Today's adventure is going to a lighting store and choosing a chandelier for our stairwell. The guy who installed the original pendant light accidentally dropped it and shattered it into a million pieces (and I am not exaggerating). When the store reordered the light it was on back order for 4 months and then the company informed us that the pendant is discontinued.
Great stuff!!
Now, after a summer without a stairwell pendant light and 8 months in our new home, we are finally going to choose another one (which will probably take another 3 months to get to the store and another month for the technician to install! That means we will have it installed and ready for Christmas -what a gift!

So we are just praying that we can find something that matches the old pendant and/or compliments the kitchen lighting!

Off we go!



Kendra Christie said...

Ah, the joys of potty training! Sarah was trained at the age Parker is now...Parker is not anywhere near! He likes using the potty on rare occassions, but that's about the extent of it. All the best to both you and Reese on this venture!!

TracyP said...

Potty Training- Yes it does get better:)..Hang in there Camille! Nothing like having your toddler clap and say Iw ent Potty! That's for sure;)
Have fun searching for new Lighting! Yek!