Friday, August 1, 2008

I need your help....

I really need some help...actually in more ways than I can probably list!
Well, let's start where you may be able to help
. I started a page the other day...using only "older" products. I started out with purple paper (which may be my first mistake), but then kept adding little thing (all of which also contained goes from bad to worse!) I am usually not a fan of purple, but my daughter was wearing a purple shirt and I decided to give it a shot.
The pic was of her at my son's birthday party in July. We had brought balloons to string up around the table in the park and the wind popped one while she was playing near them. Well, the result was priceless. The balloon popped and a piece landed on her head. She didn't even know that it was there. We, of course snapped a pic before telling her, and now it has made our history books (ok, that's a nice way of saying my scrapbook)
MY PROBLEM...I cannot find a catchy/appropriate title.
It's been sitting on my table for 3 days now....I need your help!
I was thinking of "POP!", but it doesn't feel right...HELP ME!!!!!!!

Ok, what's next....well, as you may or may not know, I live in Edmonton, Alberta. My husband is a season ticket holder to the Edmonton Eskimos (our CFL team)...for y'all in the US that's your NFL!
Well, we went to the game last night (I people watch and he watches the game) and all I could do was think what I could be doing at home in my studio! Is that bad?
Well, the team pulled off a 4th quarter win, so the last 15 minutes was exciting...I cannot really remember the other 2 1/2 hrs before that. While sitting in the most uncomfortable chairs in the world, all I kept wondering was...does the stadium have wireless? I could be updating my blog right now...AND...
what could I put as a title on my "purple page"?
When we got home, even though it was CRAZY late, I had to sneak down to check on what you girls have been up to!
Although I am already staring at an empty cup of coffee (and am too lazy to run upstairs and make myself another cup) and wish I had a coffee maker in my studio...I will persevere.

Through a muffled sense of awareness, I keep thinking one thing...
"This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!"
So, I will choose joy over sleep's going to be really hard at times I'm sure.
...let the day begin!



wendy said...

CT Pie...

lookin' at you babe...

there are a couple ideas :)

Have a great weekend!!

PS...I'm always daydreaming of being in my craft room when I am elsewhere!

Bree said...

Up late and up early,
sounds like someone else I know. lol.
I'm sorry your head was full of scrappin' when you should've been enjoying your time with Rob.
But it will soon settle down. I hope....

I still lik e the name "POP" or what about BAM! POP!
or Balloon gone bad... (no that's bad)

POP goes the world ... like the 80's song?


can't come up with anything else this early in the morning.

Mama Tuttle said...

Is that a balloon piece on your head . . . or are you just happy to see me? (because she's pointing!!)

Adrienne said...

how about... "Clueless" or I like "POP/BAM Baloon Gone Bad"
"Defective Balloon" ? haha.
"Balloon Hat"
"You Didn't Know!
-Defective Balloon"

Just some ideas from my head.
lol, I was reading the post and I was like...hmmm how about POP and then read that you were thinking that too, but it just wasnt right... lol. What do you think of my ideas?

Bree said...
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Camille Young said...

I like 'you didn't know'!I like to journal, so that could explain the title.
I'll try and finish it this weekend and post it as soon as it's done.

Thanks for the comments, it's very encouraging that I don't hit walls alone!