Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm heading out!

Well, the kids and I are going camping with my sister and her 4 kids today. We are heading out to a farm/petting zoo. It should be pretty laid back...wait a minute, there will be 2 adults and 6 kids, ok, I take the laid back thing back!! It's never good when children out number the adults!!

As for last night, I managed to finish one page, almost finish two and edit a whole "whack" of pictures! So here is the one I finished.
It may not seem all that elaborate (well, it really isn't), but the paper is all hand stamped and I added the gems one by one (that was the time consuming part). I had so much fun just hanging with my SIL and spending some girl time together though -it's was all about "time spent" last night. I am looking forward to the next girls' night out!

1 comment:

Bree said...

What a cutie-patootie!
Great Layout girl!
Can't wait till you get home,
so I can stop wasting your cell phone minutes....

Did I mention how much I miss you?