Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I watched "The Bucket List" last night!

Ok, so I have to tell as story today (wait a minute, isn't that what I do every time I come here?!!) Anyhow, here goes...
When the movie Notebook first came out, I told my husband that I really wanted to see it. He categorized it as a "chick flick" and was not interested in seeing it. So time went by and the movie came out on DVD, still he did not want to rent it. I thought about renting it anyhow and having a girls night, but never got around to it. Well, about a month ago, Notebook was on TV. My husband was happy do his own thing that night and I watched it. WOW, I couldn't believe that after all this time no one gave away the ending to me (and I won't do that to you now if you are one of the people who have not yet seen the movie). So after more than 3 years of waiting, I have to admit that is was worth the wait. What an ultimate love story! Yes, I was crying... ok, I cried TONS, but I am not afraid to admit it!
So that leads me to last night's movie "The Bucket List", this is one that my husband saw without me. WOW, again what a movie to pull at the heartstrings. My husband's mother lost the battle with cancer almost 2 years ago and I think that made this movie hit really close to home. It was a good movie, how can you really go wrong with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson... REALLY! I am not a quote the movie kinda gal, but there is one from the movie that is worth sharing (not to mention that I really like). It's when a woman is describing the sky as seen from the heights of the Himalayans. Can you imagine being here? Ok the quote goes like this: "Stars are like little holes in the floor of heaven" That just gave me a whole new way to look at the night sky. I am a bit of a romantic (ok, a HUGE romantic) so that one hit me.
So, there it is, hope I didn't build it up too much!

Just for fun (on a completely different note). Here's a layout that I did this week. It's one of the firsts since CHA. I am looking forward to scrappin' again. I am thinking that a weekend away to scrap is in order...I need to get my "girls" hooked on the idea too so that we can escape together!

Well, chat with ya later...and keep your eye on our kit club's blog as we will be giving stuff away this week (



Angelica said...

I saw "The Bucket List" a few weeks ago, it's a wonderful and so sad movie. I just kept crying.

Anonymous said...

Did you realize that on SIStv they ask you for a favorite movie quote on your profile ... and mine is from this movie too..

It's different though...
"We live, we die, and the wheels on the bus go round and round. (The Bucket List)"

I just thought it was perfect about my feelings on death. I believe that we are only here for a "blink of an eye" ( another quote,but from my favorite band MeryMe) It's that simple!
We're here and then we're gone.... gone HOME!

Your quote is much cuter though... just like you!
( much cuter than me!)


PS totally lovin' your blog so far. Keep it up. I'm loving visiting here every morning, while sipping on my coffee. Great start to my morning.. coffee and blogging!

Alecia said...

Both EXCELLENT movies, love, loved them!!! And your page turned out very cute!!

redmom said...

I saw The Bucket List, an amazing movie!!! And of course I cried...I'm such a big suck! LOL

The Notebook is my favorite love story, the ending was perfect!

Lisa said...

I read this post earlier and since there was nothing on TV we bought the Bucket List. I was a great movie that my husband and I both liked and yes I cried, too! Thanks for the recommendation.

Adrienne said...

I loved the Bucket List and so did the boyfriend!

Have you seen "P.S. I Love You" Yet? OMG BETTER than The Notebook, which yes, i cried a LOT in that movie but not nearly as much as PS I love you. YOU NEED TO WATCH IT! ASAP. haha. Even the boyfriend watched PS I LOVE YOU with me and *whispers* He cried too! He liked it!