Thursday, August 21, 2008

Business is work...

It's been a busy week "behind the scenes". My evenings have been filled with computer screens. Rob came home Tuesday and we've been working Crop Suey ever since. Tuesday we put the kids to bed, sat down at the computer and next thing we knew it was bedtime. Wednesday, we put the kids to bed, sat down at the computer and next thing we know it was WAY past our bedtime! It's all worth it though because we made leaps and bounds in the area of bookkeeping!

Tonight was a "relax" night for us...Rob went to the football game and I've been "fiddling" on the computer since the kids have gone to bed!!

I was planning to get some scrappin' done and finish my challenge that I put out on Crop Suey. So, that will have to wait until later this week (Oh, wait...tomorrow is Friday)! I guess I will have to get on that this weekend!

The winner of my challenge was jessicamae3 at

Check out her work -she's got talent!

Well, I know business is work. But I am looking forward to the setup of the bookkeeping to be done (then I can fall into a routine). I like ROUTINE!



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jessicamae3 said...

Thank you for the kind words! The challenge was excellent. At first, I just sat there and thought. I wasn't sure I could do this challenge. Then it all just happened. I would never have pushed myself to do this type of layout had you not put it out there! Thanks!
I am sorry to hear you are so consumed with work! However, nothing amazing comes without hard I am very excited for the "amazing!"
Can't wait...