Sunday, August 17, 2008

A small project to make the time pass!

Last night Bree was supposed to come and play, but she was exhausted from being up all nights this week with her mind working overtime thinking about our kit club. So, with her not coming, I had to think of something to do...and I did.
I got this new button punch and tried some things with it. I ended up making vintage buttons with Asian paper! What do you think?

The best part was that it was not a messy task and I was able to make myself a nice hot cup of tea and plant my bottom on the couch with a good movie (actually two movies because I got into a groove and made soooo many!)

So, now to put these creations on a page...that's tonight's project. Oh, yeah, that and finishing the three layouts that I already have started that REALLY need finishing touches. I pray that I will be able to post a completed project tomorrow (actually, I have to because I told Bree that I would).

Now off to start my day with the kids, hopefully it will be filled with laughter...and tons of sunscreen because today is supposed to be a scorcher!

Hope you find the time for family and creating today!!


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Bree said...

Those are

Love them.... And you!