Monday, August 4, 2008

It's a HOLIDAY Monday!!!!

Today will be short as I am getting ready for another family day! I'm not sure what's in store, but my husband did say something about Home Depot :(

Yesterday was a focus on the family day. We didn't have a plan, but it worked itself out really well. We ended up taking the kids to the recreational center (which has an amazing kids' water park). I walked up the 56 steps to the water slide more times than I wish to mention. Robert went down at least 10 times, then we thought we'd try it with Reese (who is only 26 months) and she ABSOLUTELY loved it. That meant another 10 trips with her too. After the waterslide (yes...all 20 or so times), the hot tub was in order!
Now, let me say that it wasn't climbing the steps that made the whole thing "fun"; it was the million other kids who wanted to race up the stairs to get in line at the top!!

The water park was followed by a "Booster Juice" supper -I love those types of supper, it means NO cooking for me! I wasn't sure that the kids would be happy with our choice and I was very surprised. They loved it and drank every bit of their drinks. They didn't even ask for more food once we got home -it really was filling!
Needless to say, we thought that with all that excitement they would fall asleep right away...we were wrong.
Bedtime is 7:30, Robert was still talking to me from his bed at 8:45. By 9, all was silent so I snuck downstairs to my studio. My husband came in from working outside at about 9:30 and went upstairs to check out who was crying (that was out of my earshot) -only to find our daughter trying to lay down in my son's bed. She was crying because he would not give her any of his pillow or blankets -she seemed to think he should share! It was back to bed for her...any by 9:30 they were finally asleep! I am hoping they sleep in a little to avoid the grumpiness!

So, pray for a good day with the kids! And have a great day yourselves!

I am almost finished another page, I'll post it tomorrow (my hubby's going to a movie tonight, which means scrappin' time for me!!)



wendy said...

Sawweett...gotta love when hubby has plans...that means scrappy time for us girls :). Hopefully mojo will be waiting for you.

I love water parks :)...tons of pictures? I bet the kids had a blast on the slide!!

TracyP said...

OOH sounds just Wonderful!!!! I really am Jealous:):)