Saturday, August 9, 2008

We're back from camping!!

What a great few days. So, the kids and I survived the trip. We spent almost 3 days at a place called McCleod Creek Farms. It was HOT! It got up to 33 degrees yesterday in the afternoon.

It was fun for the kids. There were animals everywhere. Our campsite was even flanked by a field filled with ponies, llamas, alpacas and cows. The evenings were filled with cow calls, coyotes and dogs barking at the coyotes. It was truly a unique experience. We spent our days trying to keep cool in tubs of water (because I never thought to bring our portable pool) and visiting the animals. Robert and Reese were fascinated by the sheep. These sheep would be a symphony of "baaaaas" every time we came to their pen. It was as though they wanted to entertain us. Then there was the pig/goose duo. Apparently this goose would never leave this pig's pen. It was the unlikeliest pair, but so cute to see.
We also had funny face contests and staying cool marathons. I think my nephew won the prize -he jumped right into the tub! (ok, so it was a tote for our sand toys, but at 33 degrees anything can be converted into a pool)

All in all, a great few days with my sister and her kids! We actually realized that we really should do it more often. It nice for Robert and Reese to spend time with their cousins. So, when is the next getaway???!?!?!?

One last pic from the trip that I really like, it's Robert trying to call the ponies to him...priceless.

I am grateful for many things on this trip. Among them are that we got there safely (my first solo voyage with the trailer), that the children did not get heat stroke or sunburned, that our kids slept well at night AND... that we have AIR CONDITIONING IN THE TRAILER!!! I believe that made our trip a success!!

Now, to tackle the laundry from the week that has been ignored!!


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Jo said...

So glad you ladies had a great time! I'm sure the little ones will have some wonderful memories of time spent together. It certainly was hot outside! I worked in an air-conditioned place, so I guess it wasn't so bad. Take care, have a super day, kiss the babes for us, and we'll talk soon!