Sunday, May 31, 2009

More 52 Pick me Up Catch UP....

I am finally getting to post all the ATC's that I've been collecting in my scrap room.

It's not so hard to take pics and upload them, but I seem to be struggling with getting it done!

So, here they are!!!

Week 20 Side One:

Week 20 Side Two:

Week 21 Side One:

Week 21 Side Two:

Week 22 Side One:

Week 22 Side Two:

So, I will be more vigilant about posting these. They are the "pick me up" that I use to get me inspired through the Word...they may inspire you!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some playtime for the boys...and the girls!

Friday was so much fun...

The day started out well. Robert and Reese actually did what we ask them to do nightly; read books in your room until 8:00!

So, when that happened it had to be a great day!!

A couple of phone calls set up my to Bree and another to Nicki. They gathered up their brood of kids and headed to my house. With a fresh pot of coffee, two great gals to spend the morning with and some friends for the kids to play with -what could be more perfect?

One activity occupied Robert and Oakley for almost 1.5 hours (crazy I know) -PlayDoh!!! What a wonderful creation!
And look at all the things they made...
Robert kept an accurate count of all the trees that he made. 14...15...16 and three orange ones!

Reese was interested by the PlayDoh for about 15 minutes and then she thought that prancing around the house was much more "up her alley"! And so, she danced for us and that was so much fun for her!
So with that, I had one great morning and mid-afternoon. Thank you to my girls who are always the highlight of my day!


Friday, May 29, 2009

A LO from Scrapping Across the Universe!

As you may or may not know, I am one of the many fabulous designers for Scrapping Across the Universe challenge blog.

Well, I am slated to do LOs for the even challenges...sounds easy enough right? So, last week, I looked at what I had to do and got to work on this LO.

I love doing pages with Robert and Oakley because they genuinely love hanging out together!

Then, in speaking with Bree this morning, I discovered that I completed the wrong challenge. I kicked myself for a moment until I realized that I really like the page and it was worth thinking I was doing the right LO.

So, now I'm sitting down with my yummy new kit for June (it's not up on the website yet) and tackling the right challenge.

Have a look at Scrapping Across the Universe on the first and fifteenth of the month to get some inspiration for your pages!!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting caught up!

I'm trying to stay up to date with the small commitments in my "creative" life! It's been hard to keep my blog updated and it's been hard to find time weekly to create.

Things are beginning to wind down and I'm hoping to get back on track with the few things that I have made commitments to this year.

Here are a couple of LOs that I've done lately.
Robert's hockey team had a family fun skate. With the purchase of a pair of used men's skates for mom, it was a complete success. I had put my figure skates away years ago and cringed at the thought of lacing them up to go skating with the kids.

Wow, what a difference the new skates made!

This next LO was a cookie decorating day just before Christmas. Robert and Reese went to their cousin's house to sugar up. There was more icing than I think any child should consume and the cookies were like the foundation upon which they built their "house"!

Here it is:
It was fun to see how creative Robert got with his cookie (it's the one on the top left...the one piled high with icing and chocolate...yeah, that one!) He had so much fun. But when the cookie decorating and eating was done, he disappeared down to the basement where his cousin Mark has so many cool toys.

Finally, I'm up to Christmas with my pics, let's hope I can get a little more caught up this week (as my DH is out of town for awhile). What better to do than scrapbook; it's the next best thing to spending my evenings with my man.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

My May Long Weekend Aventure!

As every year, my family packs up the trailer for our first camping trip of the year every May Long weekend.

Every year for the last 3 years we have been going to the same campground with the same 15 families. It's always fun for the kids and we love reconnecting with friends that we do not see often enough.

Some years it rains, others it is sunny...this year yielded a new adventure.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday we had warm temperatures; beautiful weather for the long weekend.

Here are some pics from our weekend:
Robert and Reese taking a much needed juice brake.
Playing at the park...we would sleep under the swings if it were Robert and Reese's choice!
There's always the necessary breaks we take throughout the day to roast some marshmallows (that helps to tide us over to the next meal)!
Then, the highlight for Robert, skipping stones in the river with Dad...Reese is beginning to appreciate it, this year she mostly wanted to make the biggest splash!

THEN the change happened...

On Sunday afternoon the clouds rolled in and the rain began. In a matter of hours the temperature fell significantly. We went from shorts and tank tops to sweaters, rubber boots and rain coats.

It started snowing a little when we went to bed around midnight; and we woke up to this:
YUP, that's least 8 inches of the wet heavy stuff! Boy oh boy that really put a damper on our "planned activities" for Monday! We decided to pack up and head home early!

Do you blame us?

Well, here's hoping that your long weekend was a little less eventful and much warmer than mine!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

My 52 Pick Me Up.

Wow, I've got to be more punctual. I've had these pics sitting on my PC for a couple of weeks now. It makes me realize how much I use my laptop!!

Here is my week 18 for my 52 Pick Me Up. I do realize that we are ending week 20, but first things first.

Week 18 Side One:

Week 18 Side Two:

I'll post the next ones later, I am caught up, but really need to be more diligent about posting my work.

Enjoy, later...

When will life slow down?

It's funny to think that it's already been three weeks since Crop Suey's National Scrapbooking Day Crop!

I don't know where the time has gone and I'm sorry to admit that.

Here is some of the things I have been working on lately.

My darling friend Bree gave me some Cosmo Cricket that she had left over and I had so much fun playing around with it.

I am a chronological scrapbooker and find it really hard to skip ahead and/or go backwards

These pics are of the fall, the kids had tons of fun playing around with the hockey equipment in the basement and the moments just begged to be captured!
Reese is always asking when it will be her turn to play hockey. Our little girl is going to grow up playing hockey...she is a "go-getter" and will probably dominate all the other players when it's her turn to lace up the skates!

This next one is a good example of our Alberta autumn. It is typical of Alberta to not be able to predict the weather from one day to the other. We (Bree and I) to the playground, but needed hats and mittens before the fun really began.
Bree brought her camera and we snapped these great pics (they are only a few of several hundred) It was so much fun getting to kids to pose...although it was very chilly, they had so much fun conquering the playground!

There's more to come tomorrow...I'm actually on top of things for the time being!!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

A stolen moment during the day...

Ok, so the kids and my DH are downstairs in the office. Rob is playing on Facebook and the kids are watching a movie. I tiptoed upstairs to find a quiet spot in my room and "play" a little.

I got some stuff done last night, I was working on a LO from my Crop Suey kit "Dandelion Tea". It was fun to play with the pinks and yellows. I was also itching to dig into my ribbons, it has been a long time since I've put ribbon to page.
I don't know why but my supplies come out in spurts. One week I love Stickles, the next it's Glimmer Mist; this week it's ribbon!

So here it is:

The journaling reads: Only you could melt us with those eyes. You have been blessed with Daddy's eyes!

It's always fun to do LOs with pics of my kids, they are so expressive that it really gives me so much to journal about...or not! Reese is discovering that she can "fake" an expression and it's funny to us (well, most of the time). She will come up to us and say "Wanna see my sad face? My happy face? My I'm "fusstated" face?" All of these faces we see daily, but when she purposefully makes them for us, it's entertainment!

So, I leave you with blessings for tomorrow (all you moms out there). Enjoy your day, cherish thoughts of the great things your kids have done and said over the years. If you are not moms, you have one, so send all your love their way.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Mother's Day Tea!

This morning I was blessed by my son. His playschool hosted a Mother's Day tea and I feel so privileged to be a mom.

Robert and I went, like a little date, and spent the morning together.
There were snacks and tons of other kids, but I felt like I was the only one in the room. We had such a great time. We whispered sweet secrets to one another and then Robert showered me with gifts.

First he made me a Lady bug card that reads, "I love you are so precious to me and I love playing with you!"

Then he gave me a print that he made during an art class (this one I knew about because Bree and I were the artists who came in to help them with the craft).
Finally, all the kids sang us some songs, one about how great their moms are!

All in all, a perfect morning spent with the second most important man in my life. What a blessing. Thank you my dear son, I am blessed to be your mom.
I hope your Mother's day turns out to be just as special as mine has already been. Anything can happen this Sunday and I will be happy (well, anything but sick kids, or anything involving projectile vomiting, or runny noses...and I will be happy)