Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting caught up!

I'm trying to stay up to date with the small commitments in my "creative" life! It's been hard to keep my blog updated and it's been hard to find time weekly to create.

Things are beginning to wind down and I'm hoping to get back on track with the few things that I have made commitments to this year.

Here are a couple of LOs that I've done lately.
Robert's hockey team had a family fun skate. With the purchase of a pair of used men's skates for mom, it was a complete success. I had put my figure skates away years ago and cringed at the thought of lacing them up to go skating with the kids.

Wow, what a difference the new skates made!

This next LO was a cookie decorating day just before Christmas. Robert and Reese went to their cousin's house to sugar up. There was more icing than I think any child should consume and the cookies were like the foundation upon which they built their "house"!

Here it is:
It was fun to see how creative Robert got with his cookie (it's the one on the top left...the one piled high with icing and chocolate...yeah, that one!) He had so much fun. But when the cookie decorating and eating was done, he disappeared down to the basement where his cousin Mark has so many cool toys.

Finally, I'm up to Christmas with my pics, let's hope I can get a little more caught up this week (as my DH is out of town for awhile). What better to do than scrapbook; it's the next best thing to spending my evenings with my man.


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Jocelyn said...

How adorable are these LO's!!! I love the Cookie Monster!! I wish I could tell you how far behind I am....but that's OK...lots to keep me busy!!! Have a great one!