Saturday, May 9, 2009

A stolen moment during the day...

Ok, so the kids and my DH are downstairs in the office. Rob is playing on Facebook and the kids are watching a movie. I tiptoed upstairs to find a quiet spot in my room and "play" a little.

I got some stuff done last night, I was working on a LO from my Crop Suey kit "Dandelion Tea". It was fun to play with the pinks and yellows. I was also itching to dig into my ribbons, it has been a long time since I've put ribbon to page.
I don't know why but my supplies come out in spurts. One week I love Stickles, the next it's Glimmer Mist; this week it's ribbon!

So here it is:

The journaling reads: Only you could melt us with those eyes. You have been blessed with Daddy's eyes!

It's always fun to do LOs with pics of my kids, they are so expressive that it really gives me so much to journal about...or not! Reese is discovering that she can "fake" an expression and it's funny to us (well, most of the time). She will come up to us and say "Wanna see my sad face? My happy face? My I'm "fusstated" face?" All of these faces we see daily, but when she purposefully makes them for us, it's entertainment!

So, I leave you with blessings for tomorrow (all you moms out there). Enjoy your day, cherish thoughts of the great things your kids have done and said over the years. If you are not moms, you have one, so send all your love their way.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


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so pretty,
and the layout isn't bad

Happy Mother's Day!