Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some playtime for the boys...and the girls!

Friday was so much fun...

The day started out well. Robert and Reese actually did what we ask them to do nightly; read books in your room until 8:00!

So, when that happened it had to be a great day!!

A couple of phone calls set up my to Bree and another to Nicki. They gathered up their brood of kids and headed to my house. With a fresh pot of coffee, two great gals to spend the morning with and some friends for the kids to play with -what could be more perfect?

One activity occupied Robert and Oakley for almost 1.5 hours (crazy I know) -PlayDoh!!! What a wonderful creation!
And look at all the things they made...
Robert kept an accurate count of all the trees that he made. 14...15...16 and three orange ones!

Reese was interested by the PlayDoh for about 15 minutes and then she thought that prancing around the house was much more "up her alley"! And so, she danced for us and that was so much fun for her!
So with that, I had one great morning and mid-afternoon. Thank you to my girls who are always the highlight of my day!


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