Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Mother's Day Tea!

This morning I was blessed by my son. His playschool hosted a Mother's Day tea and I feel so privileged to be a mom.

Robert and I went, like a little date, and spent the morning together.
There were snacks and tons of other kids, but I felt like I was the only one in the room. We had such a great time. We whispered sweet secrets to one another and then Robert showered me with gifts.

First he made me a Lady bug card that reads, "I love you are so precious to me and I love playing with you!"

Then he gave me a print that he made during an art class (this one I knew about because Bree and I were the artists who came in to help them with the craft).
Finally, all the kids sang us some songs, one about how great their moms are!

All in all, a perfect morning spent with the second most important man in my life. What a blessing. Thank you my dear son, I am blessed to be your mom.
I hope your Mother's day turns out to be just as special as mine has already been. Anything can happen this Sunday and I will be happy (well, anything but sick kids, or anything involving projectile vomiting, or runny noses...and I will be happy)



Jocelyn said...

Oh Camille....what a wonderful day you had!!!! Your little one is soooo adorable!!!! Enjoy these days....I so miss them!!!! Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great memory for the 2 of you. We had a mothers day picnic with my 5 year old! They are so special. Love that you shared this. Hope you had a great Mothers Day. Love the layout you did of your little girl and her expressions. I know it is not in this post but though I would just throw it in!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love these photos...

it was a great morning...

now I want to see a page about it!

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