Saturday, May 23, 2009

My May Long Weekend Aventure!

As every year, my family packs up the trailer for our first camping trip of the year every May Long weekend.

Every year for the last 3 years we have been going to the same campground with the same 15 families. It's always fun for the kids and we love reconnecting with friends that we do not see often enough.

Some years it rains, others it is sunny...this year yielded a new adventure.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday we had warm temperatures; beautiful weather for the long weekend.

Here are some pics from our weekend:
Robert and Reese taking a much needed juice brake.
Playing at the park...we would sleep under the swings if it were Robert and Reese's choice!
There's always the necessary breaks we take throughout the day to roast some marshmallows (that helps to tide us over to the next meal)!
Then, the highlight for Robert, skipping stones in the river with Dad...Reese is beginning to appreciate it, this year she mostly wanted to make the biggest splash!

THEN the change happened...

On Sunday afternoon the clouds rolled in and the rain began. In a matter of hours the temperature fell significantly. We went from shorts and tank tops to sweaters, rubber boots and rain coats.

It started snowing a little when we went to bed around midnight; and we woke up to this:
YUP, that's least 8 inches of the wet heavy stuff! Boy oh boy that really put a damper on our "planned activities" for Monday! We decided to pack up and head home early!

Do you blame us?

Well, here's hoping that your long weekend was a little less eventful and much warmer than mine!



Jocelyn said...

Oh My Goodness, that really stinks!!!! Hey guess what we have a camper too, well actually it's my Mom and Dad's, but we camp all the time!!! I LOVE IT!!!! We have never been in a snow storm though, I can imagine pipes breaking beause of the cold!!!! So sorry the weekend was not as planned!!!!

Anonymous said...

these are the photos I was dieing to see... this is why Bree doesn't do

ok, there's alot more reasons then that, but this is my new favorite...

Anonymous said...

Wow.... I thought we had drastic weather in Louisiana. I used to like camping but that was when I lived in California....Here in Louisiana we have the largest BUGS I have ever seen and they all come out when it is time to go camping. Love those pictures. I was not expecting to see that all in one post. Hope you had a great weekend even though plans got changed a bit. Thanks for sharing.