Sunday, May 31, 2009

More 52 Pick me Up Catch UP....

I am finally getting to post all the ATC's that I've been collecting in my scrap room.

It's not so hard to take pics and upload them, but I seem to be struggling with getting it done!

So, here they are!!!

Week 20 Side One:

Week 20 Side Two:

Week 21 Side One:

Week 21 Side Two:

Week 22 Side One:

Week 22 Side Two:

So, I will be more vigilant about posting these. They are the "pick me up" that I use to get me inspired through the Word...they may inspire you!



colie said...

I kept looking - and every time the screen scrolled down a little more, another Oooo or Oh! escaped my lips. Fab-U-lous!

Anonymous said...

those are awesome,, cant wait to get together to create these!