Friday, October 31, 2008

it's been too long...

I keep saying this (it seems) but where has the time gone.

I was truly exhausted after last week. It took energy to finish my ATCs in time! Aside from the necessities, there was not too many extras getting done this week.

Tonight, I am writing between the doorbell ringing and kids screaming "Trick or Treat" at my door. My DH is out with the kids and I have a few stolen moments to get you all up to date on what's been going on in the Young household.

This week has been all about Halloween for my son. He had 3 parties and tonight he is out getting more loot. I believe we have enough candy in our home until next Halloween. I know I am not alone out there when I say...the kids always get way too much candy. So much, that my husband cannot even eat it all...and he REALLY likes candy!

So, here is what my children looked like before going out trick or treatin'.

And the after pic I am sure will be interesting. I'll post it later tonight or tomorrow.

We are truly thankful for the great weather here. Usually, Halloween in Edmonton is snowy. Kids are bundled up with snowsuits under their costumes. This year, it's a balmy 5 degrees out...that's REALLY a blessing! It's also VERY unusual!

Well, I'm off to give away all my candy...and to complete my LO for Scrappin' Across the Universe challenge blog! It will be posted tomorrow!



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Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

oh my gosh what cute costumes! Did you make those? I didn't realize it was that much colder where you are! Here it's 50 degrees.

I hope your kids have a great time!