Friday, October 24, 2008

One down, one to go...

I'm back from my Friday night events.

Bree and I had a girls birthday party and it went incredibly well. The birthday girl was turning 8 and, at that age they are beginning to get quite crafty.
I was an overall success and I am happy that it went so well...

Then it was off to my church's scrapbooking evening...I was so exhausted from my week (read on for more details) that I left all my supplies in the car and just chatted with all the ladies... It was so nice to just stop and do nothing for a little while.

This week has been unexpectedly long...

On Sunday, my son Robert "yakked" and came down with the 24-hour flu. On Wednesday, my daughter Reese "yakked" just before supper with no other symptoms. Then, later in the evening it hit my DH. He was up all night, slept most of Thursday, then repeated the whole process on Friday.
He has had a rough couple of days, but seems on the mend now...he's dressed in something other than sweats and a hoodie, so he must be feeling a bit better!

So, now I prepare for my all-day crop tomorrow. It will be nice to be surrounded by creative women yet again.

I hope to get some more done...I have some ideas percolating...

Here's a LO of Reese at her birthday. She was so sad because she could not hold her cousin (whom she thought was just as precious as her dollies).

She was pouting and did not understand why Robert was "big" enough to hold her, but she was not. Precious pics!

Until Later,

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Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Your layout is so sweet! What darling pics and the glittery embellies are awesome! I'm glad your party went well - have fun with the rest of your weekend!