Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Autumn's rush!

Ok, so I have to firstly admit that my ATCs are NOT yet done. I've begun them though...
The truth is that I changed my mind after starting and headed in a completely different direction and, as a result, am not done!

But I do have some cool pics to share from our weekend.

Our Thanksgiving weekend was so relaxing and was a little crazy at the end (but mostly for Rob).

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon with Bree and her family (and our cameras). We go some great pics!

I love this pic because of their expressions. I was trying to take a picture of just Robert and Oakley, but Reese just had to be in it! Priceless, Oakley couldn't be bothered either way!

Some pics I love...

It's nice to catch them cuddling, they do truly love each other (as I listen to their giggles right now while playing football together...well, mostly Reese running after Robert trying to catch up)

My little adventurer...whatever her big brother does she wants to do too!

During our walk, Robert would find anything to "pose" in and scream out for me to take his picture! I guess that's better than not wanting your pic taken at all!

To me there is nothing more precious than these pics, Rob and Reese take such great pics together. They have exactly the same eye color -that amazes me. It's a small glimpse into the amazing God that we have and the legacy that we leave in our children.

Anyhow, I almost got mushy there. I will be working on my ATCs tonight (yes, I really am) because I am going on a scrapbooking retreat this weekend and want to get caught up on some pages that I have not yet done (including my son and daughter's birthdays...which were in July and April respectively).

I need to get caught up away from home because when I am home I am almost always doing Crop Suey work...which is fun too, but it doesn't seem to help with getting caught up!!

I will hopefully have some ATC pics before I leave on Friday...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos.
I love the shot with Oakley in it. He looks so bored...

Thanks for sharing

Rob Young said...

Hi Camille

I love that you are archiving, cataloging, and preserving our memories for all times. I love you and bless you as my wife. You're the best.


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

You have a beautiful family Camille! Good luck with the ATCs. I still have to finish mine too!

Deanna said...

Great photos Camille! love seeing shots of the fam! and you're right the one of Rob and Reese is beautiful, and I also love the one of Robert! Too cute! Hope you have a great time scrappin' this weekend! :D