Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where has the week gone?

So, here I am looking at the time and wondering how Wednesday snuck up on me!!

Our weekend was good, we have been so good at tying up loose ends around the house lately.

Friday and Saturday was spent building a frame for our shed and then putting it up. After we assembled the shed, it started raining...Praise God.

Then Sunday, we filled the shed and emptied out the garage just that little bit more. We are getting our garage finished this weekend and it's nice to think that I will be able to park the car in the garage very soon!!

This week is a hard reminder that we are in Alberta and further north than Texas!!
It rained hard yesterday and the wind has been blowing furiously. All of the pretty leaves have found a home on the ground and things are looking a little more "BLAH" around here!

All that, and I still can't recall where the last few days have gone!

I am looking forward to getting together with Bree tomorrow. We are getting the bug to do something creative again...something new and innovative!!!

Check us out at our new challenge blog...

Scrapping Across the Universe

It's going to be so much fun!!



Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Can't wait to see what you and Bree come up with! The challenge blog sounds awesome!

Bree said...

ooo it's going to be a fun day!