Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A step back to CHA!

Yesterday began as a glum day, I thought we were going to have rain for most of the day. It turns out, that it just rained until mid-morning then was beautiful. We spent the day with my sister and her 4 kids. It's always fun at my sister's because she has so many cool toys that we don't have and my kids love to be there.
I was waiting for my friend/business partner to come back from holidays to get her pics so that I could share with you who we met. If you are reading this you probably have already read our kit club blog, www.shopcropsuey.blogspot.com and seen the pics of us with Tim Holtz and Ali Edwards. There is one more pic that I got that I really wanted -that's Courtney Walsh and I. She wrote "Scrapbooking you Faith" and is a contributing editor for Memory Makers magazine. It was so nice to meet her and she even asked me to email her the pic we took -how cool is that?After speaking with her for a few minutes, I just really felt that we shared many similar experiences. It was pretty cool in my eyes -she may not remember me because she meets so many people, but I will not forget that moment!
Anyhow, that's what I had to share for today! So if some of you are Courtney Walsh fans, know that she is a great person.
Otherwise, have a great day. I have a "business" day ahead of me, my "to do" list involves quite a bit of running around -but it all gets Bree and I closer to our goal. L8R!


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Alecia said...

What a GREAT pic of you two!!!