Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting into a routine!

So, I've decided to start waking up before my husband and kids and get my "me" time in. That also means that I have precious moments before I have a bustling house and no time for myself.

Yesterday, I think I spent more time on the computer than normal...way more. But it is all with a view to getting myself organized. I am anticipating the return of my friend B, so that we can download pics and start planning for our scrapbooking kit club. We are debuting a brand new scrapbooking kit club on 1 September. We have to place our orders soon in order to get all the product in (that's going to be sooooooo exciting). My eyes will be as big as a kid in a candy store when the product arrives on our door step!

I thought it would be nice for you to see some of my work, and I really want to show you. However, I have just entered the 2009 Memory Makers Master Contest and my best work is in a package on it's way to Cincinnati OH. So, until I create something new (oh and until I find my studio's desktop...) you will have to see some of my not so recent work.
Here are some cards that I made for my son's preschool teachers. They are made with scraps. I really want to reuse my "bits" and try very hard to be conscious of my "waste".

My recycling bin is more full that my garbage can most weeks (but that's another post).

These cards are not by best work, but if you like them, then you are sure to love what's to come in
the days/weeks/months ahead.

So stay tuned for more!


wendy said...

Can't wait to see all the goodies the new site brings :)

Me time is VERY important...glad you find time for yourself.

Fun creations!

Alecia said...

I think they're WAY cute and congrats for your ME time, a must have for sure!!