Monday, July 28, 2008

I've been busy!

I managed to get a page done. But, I submitted it for you will have to wait to see until I found out if it's been chosen or not. If it doesn't get chosen, I will post it here. If it will have to wait for the January issue of Scrapbook Trends.

Anyhow, I had a great weekend with the fam. After the zoo on Friday we weren't too sure what to do to top it. The result, we went to a splash park with the kids and some close friends. We had always heard "rave reviews" of the place and, I have to agree, it was awesome. There was a splash park and playground in an enclosed area (so we didn't have to worry about losing the kids)! We packed a picnic, a change of clothes and towels and headed out for the day. The weather cooperated and the kids were so happy. There was a skate park beside the splash park and my son spent most of his time watching the boarders (now that's a sport that makes me nervous...all that concrete!) My daughter was so entertaining...she would go up to the spouts/sprinklers, get a few drops of water on her belly, then run back to tell me "I get wet!!" She did this about 100 times in the first hour. She had more fun running back and telling us about her adventures in her 2 year old language (but I could understand her and that's all that matters).
All in all, Saturday was a blast and, once again, the kids slept like logs (hmmm, do logs really sleep?) Anyhow...
I was also able to connect with a treasured friend that I hadn't seen since school got out...isn't that the case with summers. We always think that we will have so much more time to do things and, well, we don't!
My friend has a blog that you should check out if you need inspiration in this busy world. She is grounded in Christ... and built upon a solid foundation. I love her! Check her out:

Have a great week, I know that I have a great one planned -I'm going shopping for my kit club. I have so many yummy great things that are coming my way (then getting packaged and off to the lucky people buying the kits!)


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jessicamae3 said...

Your daughter sounds adorable! Can't wait to see the kit reveals!