Saturday, July 26, 2008

work or play? which one...which one...

I try to be a focused person, but right now I am really struggling with having a business mind and having a need to do something creative with my hands. I really want to be making an awesome layout instead of "working" right now.
I keep trying to tell myself to "work now and play later" (but the desire to play now is REALLY strong!!!) I will persevere and get what I need to get done, but play time is coming really soon.
So, we had a family day yesterday and it was fantastic. We took the kids to the zoo (not a great zoo for adults, but the BEST ZOO EVER for a 4 and 2 year old. It was nice to let them run from animal to animal and hear of how they recognized them from so of the TV shows they watch. The best part was when our son decided to hoot with the owls. They didn't react at first, but then all the owls in one display started hopping toward the sound. It was pretty funny!
Today is a new adventure...we've kinda set the bar for the weekend beginning with the zoo, hopefully we can maintain it!! If the weather cooperates, maybe we will hit the waterslides today. We were supposed to be camping right now but decided to stay home and have a "staycation" (I love that term) So now we are going to fill our time with fun stuff. The rest of the weekend should be fun (and when the kids go to sleep tonight I'm sneaking down to my studio to have some fun of my own).



laverneboese said...

Oh I hope you get some "play time". I'm excited to see what you come up with. It's always so cool to see everyone else's scrapping style. I think mine's "fully loaded", hee hee. I love those layers!!!!

Alecia said...

Hope you get some scrappy time!! Sounds like a fun ZOO day!!

wendy said...

Just starting out is so fun because the excitment is can scrap later :) lol I find that if I keep the laptop closed this helps me with getting scrappy stuff done. If I turn the puter on...that's it...I'm hooked!

Can't wait to see what you come up with.