Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My 52 Pick Me Up.

I'm on the ball this week. Even though I've been doing so much in preparation for the National Scrapbooking Day Crop at Crop Suey, I still found the time for this project!!

Here's my week 17 ATC.

I used my DCWV Green Stack. I love it, but there's still tons of it left...might be a good giveaway!!

Week 17 Side One

Week 17 Side Two

Have a great day all!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

An adventure before the weekend began!

This adventure tells the tale of one Reese Young, the most curious and adventuresome girl under the age of 4 in our home!

On Friday morning, Reese and I were working in the computer room (ok, she was typing every 10th letter while I was trying to work). Then she decided to go upstairs to watch TV with her brother. Well...about 5 minutes later she came down crying.

Her words were "It won't come off, It won't come off"!!

When I turned around to help her, I was greeted with this:
Her actual words as I was taking the picture were: "No, mommy, no take picture, no take picture again!"

I was shocked and amused at the same time. But she was not impressed!

I asked her to show me where she did this and she took me straight to MY scrapbooking room! I was greeted by all of my inks sprawled on my!!

Yup, that's my creative girl!
Black-faced and all she was not happy about me taking a picture before reaching for a cloth to clean her off. I guess that's a good sign of a scrapbooking mom!!

Enjoy the laugh,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

52 Pick Me Up

Here it is, week 16.

It's still fun to make these ATC's, it keeps me in the Word... keeps me focused on HIM!

Week 16 Side 1:

Week 16 Side 2:

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reese's special day!

So, I promise the story and I will give it now.

Reese and the Fun Factory was a grand adventure.

There were many in attendance for the event. It began (like all great adventures in our family) with a visit to MacDonald's. Grandad, Gramma, the Alexanders and the Woods were all in attendance! When lunch was over we headed over to the Fun Factory!
Reese got to choose which animal she wanted to "build" to take home. She chose a monkey.
Waiting for the lady to help us took some time and it was so cute to see Reese PATIENTLY waiting for her "adventure" to begin. She had her monkey (and the accessorized pink boots) tucked into her arm...patiently waiting...
Then when it was her turn, the fun began!
She went to work on the pedal to fill her monkey. It was her first time doing this, so discovering that the machine shot out stuffing when she stepped on it was very fascinating.

Once the monkey was filled, she chose a special "thingy" (because I'm really not sure what they are called-it was a felt star!) and made a wish for her monkey. Now, making a wish for Reese involved asking Mommy how to do it...I think her wish was for that moment to pass so she can get her monkey ALREADY!!

And then...SUCCESS!
The funniest part happened at the end. When we were done, she tucked the monkey under her arm (she had finally conquered the experience), and went over to where Robert was watching his cousin Mark play on his Nintendo DS! The hilarious part is that Reese was more sad about having to leave Mark and not being able to watch him "race" than leaving the Fun Factory!!

Ahhh the joy of 3 yr olds!

Once we hopped in the car, we asked Reese what her monkey's name was. Her reply "DORA". I asked "Why not Boots" (which seemed the logical conclusion to come to) Her answer to the question "Mom, Boots has red boots, not pink ones!"

Never underestimate the thought process of a child. Of course her monkey could not be called Boots, because her monkey has pink (NOT RED) boots.

Loved that adventure!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

More catch's my story lately!!

I can hardly believe it's been a week (I think I should just save that line as the first line on most of my posts!!)

Our family had an awesome Easter weekend and we have been busy since. With Monday being a holiday, our 5-day work week was cut short from the start.

Reese (as you may know) had a birthday at the beginning of April. One of her gifts was a certificate to build her own stuffed animal at the Fun Factory. That was Monday.
I'll post some pics of the adventure tomorrow. I'll save the story for then too!

The rest of the week was a blur. I had a wonderful brunch with my Life Group gals...too much food and not enough time to get all the chit chat in. I love these girls, they have become something I look forward to every week.
Then Bree and I had a bunch of Crop Suey catch up to do, we got a ton of stuff done, but there always seems to be more. I guess it's good to be busy that means we're growing.
By the time that was all done, I realized the weekend was upon us and I was baffled at where the week went yet again.

One thing I realized late last night was that I haven't been posting my 52 Pick Me Up. I have been doing them, but have failed miserably at putting them up for y'all to see. So, here they are!

Week 13:
Week 14
Week 15

Aside from that, I am home today with one little boy who was up all night with the bathroom. In his words "I believe my tummy is feeling a teeny bit better now!" I am so proud of him, to have been emptied of everything and he is still trying to comfort me! It's been a long night and I pray tonight is one filled with sleep!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Two little cards for family birthdays...

I just posted these cards over on Crop Suey's blog and thought I would share with you.

I used the papers from the Wildberry Cobbler Kit now available at Crop Suey.

Just a quick post during this holiday weekend.

Here are the cards:

I cannot tell you who they are for, because they won't be getting them until Sunday.

This weekend seems to have crept up on us. We spent a wonderful day today, the family days are always a hit with the kids.

We went out for lunch with Bree and her fam, then had a nap...amidst the kids jumping on us and wanting us to play dollies and hotwheels!
After the "nap" we headed outside for a bike ride, some road hockey and a little baseball. All in all, a wonderful day.

We also watched the Passion of the Christ. What a reminder of the sacrifice that was made for me. There is no greater love.

Thank you Lord for giving your Son, so that I might have LIFE!

Happy Easter!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One small project completed!

Ok, here's the story. After Christmas, Rob and I were shopping for some groceries and we found the wall word BELIEVE at an incredible price... we bought it with the intent of putting it up fairly soon. Rob and I are thinkers and take a very long time to make home decor decisions (that's probably the understatement of the century if you have been in my home)

Well, over the weekend, Rob took out the measuring tape, the level and stuck a pencil behind his ear with the intent of finally hanging the word BELIEVE. He was challenged by each letter's hinge being at a different level and each letter having to be measured out exactly.

Two hours later (while I was decorating Reese's birthday cake) we had the word BELIEVE over our office entrance...and it looked so lonely. It was nice, but we knew it needed more. So the search for some embellies began for me. Well, on Sunday (which is a record for me to find something so quickly) I found the perfect accessory to the word.

...DCWV has new wall decor elements out...They are fabulous! They are basically rubons for your home! After a little work the project finally was complete.

Here it is:
It only took us 3 months to get started, but once we did we finished it in less than 48 hours! Wow that's really good for the Young family!

Now, onto the next will take us a few months to decide what that project is!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our little girl is 3!!

Well, it's been a busy week. Bree and I headed to Calgary for Scrapbook Eh's Education Eh?
What a whirlwind week! Check out Crop Suey this week to get tidbits from our trip.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, Reese had a birthday on April 2nd!!

Our sweet darling girl is now "flee"! She is so excited to tell everyone how old she is.

And what would a birthday be without a party? And what would a party be without a cake...

...and a silly birthday girl?
I made Reese a Strawberry Shortcake shaped cake and then decorated some extra cupcakes with all the leftover icing!
The presents were fun and truly appreciated, the family coming to celebrate was great...but seeing Reese's expression and gratitude was priceless. This is the first year that she gets it; it was so much fun to see her thank whoever gave her the gift. She took the time after every gift to go and give kisses and thank yous. What a blessing to see that!

I am looking forward to seeing how God is going to shape Reese's life this year.
Blessings to my dear little girl,
Love Daddy, Mommy and Robert!