Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reese's special day!

So, I promise the story and I will give it now.

Reese and the Fun Factory was a grand adventure.

There were many in attendance for the event. It began (like all great adventures in our family) with a visit to MacDonald's. Grandad, Gramma, the Alexanders and the Woods were all in attendance! When lunch was over we headed over to the Fun Factory!
Reese got to choose which animal she wanted to "build" to take home. She chose a monkey.
Waiting for the lady to help us took some time and it was so cute to see Reese PATIENTLY waiting for her "adventure" to begin. She had her monkey (and the accessorized pink boots) tucked into her arm...patiently waiting...
Then when it was her turn, the fun began!
She went to work on the pedal to fill her monkey. It was her first time doing this, so discovering that the machine shot out stuffing when she stepped on it was very fascinating.

Once the monkey was filled, she chose a special "thingy" (because I'm really not sure what they are called-it was a felt star!) and made a wish for her monkey. Now, making a wish for Reese involved asking Mommy how to do it...I think her wish was for that moment to pass so she can get her monkey ALREADY!!

And then...SUCCESS!
The funniest part happened at the end. When we were done, she tucked the monkey under her arm (she had finally conquered the experience), and went over to where Robert was watching his cousin Mark play on his Nintendo DS! The hilarious part is that Reese was more sad about having to leave Mark and not being able to watch him "race" than leaving the Fun Factory!!

Ahhh the joy of 3 yr olds!

Once we hopped in the car, we asked Reese what her monkey's name was. Her reply "DORA". I asked "Why not Boots" (which seemed the logical conclusion to come to) Her answer to the question "Mom, Boots has red boots, not pink ones!"

Never underestimate the thought process of a child. Of course her monkey could not be called Boots, because her monkey has pink (NOT RED) boots.

Loved that adventure!


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Anonymous said...

so cute. thanks for sharing those photos.. so fun