Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One small project completed!

Ok, here's the story. After Christmas, Rob and I were shopping for some groceries and we found the wall word BELIEVE at an incredible price... we bought it with the intent of putting it up fairly soon. Rob and I are thinkers and take a very long time to make home decor decisions (that's probably the understatement of the century if you have been in my home)

Well, over the weekend, Rob took out the measuring tape, the level and stuck a pencil behind his ear with the intent of finally hanging the word BELIEVE. He was challenged by each letter's hinge being at a different level and each letter having to be measured out exactly.

Two hours later (while I was decorating Reese's birthday cake) we had the word BELIEVE over our office entrance...and it looked so lonely. It was nice, but we knew it needed more. So the search for some embellies began for me. Well, on Sunday (which is a record for me to find something so quickly) I found the perfect accessory to the word.

...DCWV has new wall decor elements out...They are fabulous! They are basically rubons for your home! After a little work the project finally was complete.

Here it is:
It only took us 3 months to get started, but once we did we finished it in less than 48 hours! Wow that's really good for the Young family!

Now, onto the next will take us a few months to decide what that project is!!



Anonymous said...

I love those wall words and quotes. You both did a great job....My husband has about a 6 month track record to finish small house projects...Not me I think about it, go get all that I need to finish the project and finish it even if it means pulling a couple all nighters...Which I do often. What a blessing to see before getting to work in your office.:)

BeeBopp23 said...

It looks great!!! I wish we had we owned our own home so we could decorate like that! I love decorating!

Valerie said...

Looks fabulous!! I just LOVE that quote!!

Nicole Renee said...

Love the wall art, looks great.

Candace said...

i adore the final masterpiece, so beautiful!