Sunday, April 19, 2009

More catch's my story lately!!

I can hardly believe it's been a week (I think I should just save that line as the first line on most of my posts!!)

Our family had an awesome Easter weekend and we have been busy since. With Monday being a holiday, our 5-day work week was cut short from the start.

Reese (as you may know) had a birthday at the beginning of April. One of her gifts was a certificate to build her own stuffed animal at the Fun Factory. That was Monday.
I'll post some pics of the adventure tomorrow. I'll save the story for then too!

The rest of the week was a blur. I had a wonderful brunch with my Life Group gals...too much food and not enough time to get all the chit chat in. I love these girls, they have become something I look forward to every week.
Then Bree and I had a bunch of Crop Suey catch up to do, we got a ton of stuff done, but there always seems to be more. I guess it's good to be busy that means we're growing.
By the time that was all done, I realized the weekend was upon us and I was baffled at where the week went yet again.

One thing I realized late last night was that I haven't been posting my 52 Pick Me Up. I have been doing them, but have failed miserably at putting them up for y'all to see. So, here they are!

Week 13:
Week 14
Week 15

Aside from that, I am home today with one little boy who was up all night with the bathroom. In his words "I believe my tummy is feeling a teeny bit better now!" I am so proud of him, to have been emptied of everything and he is still trying to comfort me! It's been a long night and I pray tonight is one filled with sleep!


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