Sunday, April 26, 2009

An adventure before the weekend began!

This adventure tells the tale of one Reese Young, the most curious and adventuresome girl under the age of 4 in our home!

On Friday morning, Reese and I were working in the computer room (ok, she was typing every 10th letter while I was trying to work). Then she decided to go upstairs to watch TV with her brother. Well...about 5 minutes later she came down crying.

Her words were "It won't come off, It won't come off"!!

When I turned around to help her, I was greeted with this:
Her actual words as I was taking the picture were: "No, mommy, no take picture, no take picture again!"

I was shocked and amused at the same time. But she was not impressed!

I asked her to show me where she did this and she took me straight to MY scrapbooking room! I was greeted by all of my inks sprawled on my!!

Yup, that's my creative girl!
Black-faced and all she was not happy about me taking a picture before reaching for a cloth to clean her off. I guess that's a good sign of a scrapbooking mom!!

Enjoy the laugh,


colie said...

LOVE it!!!! These are the pictures that will haunt Reese on her wedding day :) She does not look impressed... What a sweetie, taking after her Mom's creative heart!

Anonymous said...


too funny, i knew you said it was black but i had no idea it was BLACK!

Jocelyn said...

Oh Camille....this is soooo funny!!! Poor Baby, she was not looking to happy in her pic! She creativity does run in the family!!!! Have a great Tuesday!!!

Candace said...

Oh my! What alesson she learned! poor thing, lol. Thanks for making me smile today!