Friday, June 12, 2009

Puppy Love...

As you may recall, we got a Bichon Frise puppy last November. He came into our home and has changed my kids' view of dogs.

My kids were once fearful of every dog that they saw, then we brought home our puppy; a blessing to our family. He was named "Toot" and has grown into his name 100%. I'm embarrassed to say that his name is fitting. He can toot and burp like no other dog!

Anyhow, I was saying that he was a blessing...right, let me get back to that! Toot has helped my kids overcome their fear of dogs...almost too much. He is the most docile dog and lets the kids do anything with him. One day I couldn't find him and Reese informed me that he was having a nap in her room; I walked into find the dog in her dolly play pen covered in a nice blanket with some stuffies to keep him company. He was just sitting there waiting to be rescued. Another time, Robert told me that he was playing hide-and-seek with Toot and that it was Toot's turn to hide. Robert asked me to find the dog and after a few minutes of "honest to goodness" searching, I gave up. Robert went up to the end table drawer and opened it up -you guessed it, there was Toot patiently waiting to be rescued yet again!

Making this LO made me realize that we really did make a great family decision in getting Toot.

Here's the LO:
I've come to the conclusion that good things come in small packages (Toot only weighs 7 lbs)!



colie said...

Love this page, Camille. Toot is the cutest puppy ever!

Sarah said...

Love your layout - my daughter is deathly afraid of dogs too and I have been dubious of getting one - maybe it might work afterall. Thanks you for the inspiration! Have a wonderful weekend.

AndreaWiebe said...

So sweet!!! Our doggie Sheriff is often found being loved too much as well :D

Jocelyn said...

What a cute page and I love the story behind it!!!! You are so lucky to have such a great pup and how cute!!!!!! Have a great weekend. :)