Thursday, June 11, 2009

My 52 Pick Me Up!

Wow, on time and actually posting the ATC...this is good for me.

I've been feeling quite tired this week with my DH out of town and today is the first day in almost a week that I feel like being creative and taking up the scissors and cutting up paper, piecing it together to make something that I can call a LO.

After camping over the weekend with my side of the family, I came home and was completely exhausted. It's nice to feel creative again.

Here's my Week 23 ATC.

Week 23 Side One:
Week 23 Side Two:
Enjoy! I will be putting my kiddies to be soon, making a nice cup of steaming hot coffee and settling down at my scrap table to create some more! Hope you can find some "creative" time too!


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AndreaWiebe said...

You card is beautiful Camille!