Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Milestone has been reached!

Yesterday, my son graduated from preschool. It was a wonderful afternoon, he received his diploma, had some cake, played in the JumpyThings that were rented and then got a tattoo.

It was a regular celebration; but one that made me realize that we are about to embark into the BIG world of school! I'm happy and sad. Robert will no longer be home with me and Reese to have spontaneous adventures during the know the impromptu walks around the lake to see how many dandelions we can pick, or the trips to the 7-11 for the much needed slurpees in the middle of the afternoon.

Thinking about it; our lives will never be the same again once September befalls us. I know it's a stepping stone and Robert is really looking forward to school, but I'm a protective and greedy mom who wants to keep my kids young for as long as I can.

Ok, enough of that.

Here is a big congrats going out to my big man! You've reached a milestone my son!!

Also, my DH had been away for the past 3 weeks and was not expected back until yesterday evening and he surprised us by getting home almost 12 hours early and being able to share in the graduation. It was nice to be there as a family and not have to recount the day later over the phone or a facebook msg!

Here is our graduate:
And of course, the most fun was had after the graduation ceremony when the kids got their tattoos!
Congratulations on the milestone that you've reached!


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sausan said...

Huge congrats to your "big boy"!