Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A couple of cards with a little fun something!

Go check out the Photo Tutorial posted over at Crop Suey's blog.

It's a fun little tutorial on how to use up all of those beads that you have left over in the depths of your craft room (you know the box that has cobwebs all over it)!

I made these cards to thank my son's playschool teachers for ALL the work they put into the year and the kids. I am so thankful for teachers -it's a calling that I have NOT felt led to pursue!

Teachers are AMAZING people and form children daily with the effort they put into their "jobs" (that's in quotation marks because I think it's much more than a job)!

Here is a HUGE THANK YOU to all the teachers out there. You are truly blessings to the kids you influence.



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Jocelyn said...

Oh Camille...love the use of the beads....yep mine are in that room somewhere....if only I could find the box and the directions to my sewing machine. I messed it up the other day and took it apart and now I don't know how to put it back together!!! What a ditz I am...and the directions, no where to be found!!! Wishing you a wonderful day!!!