Monday, November 10, 2008

We're getting a puppy...

After talking about it for months, we've finally made the final decision to get a puppy. We've decided on a Bichon Frise! It's a small lapdog and suited to our lifestyle.

This is not our dog (we need to choose from three remaining male puppies), but they all look pretty much the same.

Now, if I had my way...we would be getting a chocolate lab or a German shepherd. I love big dogs, but my DH is stretching himself to agree to a dog at all. That means one thing...I'll take what I can get.

I grew up with at least 2 dogs at all times. Now, I welcome a dog in our home. We've been preparing the kids for the arrival...we are going to pic it up this Friday!

That brings me to the issue of the dog's name. I love to give my pets original names. I had a tabby cat called Carrot, my rabbit was Wadsworth, our first dog was Duke. So, I've been carefully considering names. Two that I really liked were Dash or Porter. Then my husband threw a third name into consideration...prepare yourself for this one... TOOT! Yes, you read correctly!

He told the kids that it would be our puppy's new name and they thought it was hilarious. When we asked Robert what the puppy should be called he automatically said "Toot!" When we asked Reese what the puppy's name should be she said "Bambi!

Now, I am stuck struggling against "Toot". REALLY...who calls a pet TOOT?

I can see myself calling the dog to come in and my neighbors wondering where my sanity went? Really, I need to convince my family that Dash is a much better name than Toot.

I'm thinking that I may need to threaten something very serious in order to win this debate...maybe to never cook another meal (don't know if even that would work!)

I'll post pics of our new addition once he arrives...I'll also let you know who won the name game!!



Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Toot is cute! LOL! Good luck with your debate! I'm happy for you to be getting a snuggly new family member! Yeay!

BeeBopp23 said...

Hi! Just wanted to say Congrats on adopting a new member into the family! You will love him! Puppyhood is a little rough, but so rewarding after they know how to use the potty outside!

jessicamae3 said...

I'd say if your DH is not thrilled about having a dog...allowing him to name it will encourage a fondness for it...and maybe that 2nd dog you have always had in the house. ;O) hehehehe
Too cute!