Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things they are a changin'...

Well, I haven't posted for awhile and if you read my last post you know why.

We got our puppy on Tues and have been busy with him ever a good way. He is the most amazing dog...only a couple of accidents in the first 24hrs and none since.

We decided to kennel train Toot. That means in the kennel whenever we are not taking him out with us or when we go to bed. I was very nervous the first night (remembering our horror experience with our last dog who barked incessantly for 1.5hrs every time we put him in there). We put the kennel beside our bed to deal with the barking quickly and... my amazement, he only whimpered once at 5 am when he had to go pee and then we didn't hear from him again until 8:30. Praise God! Then I had the energy for day two, and it went very well.

We attempted our first walk on day three, that was NOT such a success. Toot (who has been given a couple of other names -Reese calls him Tookie and Robert calls for him by saying "Oh Tooooooodles" (like in Mickey's Clubhouse). It's nice to know that Toot has taken on a better connotation for me. The walk was a challenge because our 3 lb pet did not want to was more like a drag for the first 50 feet, then it became a walk-drag! He is a quick learner though and will get it before long!

All this dog stuff has kept us around the house a little more than usual and mind has been brewing! I have a place downstairs to create, but tend to stay away from it during the day because there are no toys downstairs for my kids to play with. Then I had an idea...what if I just took a small corner in my closet (which just happens to have an empty space in one corner after some careful rearranging!) With that thought, I approached my husband who...said yes right away. I was almost disappointed because I had so many great arguements to support my request!
Anyhow, I went and purchased a small craft table (Bree has the same one), my husband put a shelf up in my closet (I mean, my new creating space) and am in the midst of organizing everything. I will take some pics when it's all organized -give me a couple of days!!
I am so happy, it's a small space and I find I work better in small spaces. I like close and quaint. Although I have many open spaces in my home, I always tend to gravitate toward the chair in a corner or something cozy and confined! Call me weird, but I find it comforting to be nestled in my I can create in it too!!

Anyhow, so there's my week and, since I will be housebound a little more than usual puppy training my closet is sure to become an organized inspiration corner quickly. What else do you do with all that time? (ok, I know I need to train the puppy and tend to my children, but I really can find a few moments in between to organize!)

...everything would be perfect if I could only put a computer and printer in my closet...



BeeBopp23 said...

Sounds like the puppy is doing great! Crate training is such a great idea! Both my pets are crate trained and love having their own little place to sleep! They have a kennel that was meant for a bigger breed, but its a mansion to them! They know not to do their business inside it and we are able to leave them in their with food and water while we are at work! We have their kennel in the living room in a corner and we keep the door open throughout the day while we are here and our smaller dog, Reyna prefers to sleep in their than on the sofas!

Bree said...

left you a blog award girlie!