Thursday, November 27, 2008

I've been posting...really!

Ok, so I am just too busy to realize what it is that I'm doing.

I've posted twice to the WRONG blog!! It took Bree to tell me that I was posting on our challenge blog over at Scrapping Across The Universe! Duh!!!!

Anyhow, life has been crazy in our home. It seems to be the new NORMAL for the month of November. However, Rob is away for the weekend and I am hoping to get a little me time in the evenings.

We have been so busy meeting deadline after deadline, that I can only find the time to read blogs and that is just about it.

Crop Suey has been buzzing lately. We have participated in our first craft fair and it was an absolute success. We have another one coming up next week and it promises to be a success too.

It's too much to get into the million and one things that have been occupying my time, but needless to say I am still here and reading all y'all's blogs (yeah, that's good English)

Our dog, Toot, has turned out to be an amazing dog. He is so well tempered and I am so happy with the way he lets the kids tote him around all day...and I do mean all day. Robert thinks he is his best friend and should go everywhere with him, and Reese thinks that he is her new dolly and should go for naps in her playpen. Through it all Toot just lets them have their fun. What a great dog.

Also, we put up our Christmas tree was fun and a fun "posed" picture time!

We also have a tradition putting the angel on the tree, this year it was passed onto Robert. What a thrill to see his face when it was now HIS job!

Until next time,



Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

How CUTE are those pictures?!!!! I love it! Glad to hear Toot is working out well!

Anonymous said...

love those photos. how cute is Reese?

gudrun said...

Love the photos of you and your kids :) How cute is this!!
Have a great december. :)