Saturday, December 20, 2008

My day...

So, I've taken some time to get my stuff together. Here are my 1970's ATCs. I'm not sure how I feel about them, but lately I don't know how to feel about something and everyone else likes, here they are:

Today was an extremely fun day. We set up the train around our Christmas tree the other day and today the kids truly enjoyed it. Rob and the kids take every spare moment to watch the "Polar Express" (as Robert calls it) go around the track.

I love the expression on their faces, the "Polar Express" is the highlight of the day!

Now a quick story today...Let's begin by saying I'm not a great skater. I've had a pair of figure skates sitting in my basement ever since Rob and I started dating. So, in the last 14 years they have been used all of about 5 times. Finally, last week we made a family decision that if I was going to participate in family skates, I should have some skates.
After talking about it for years we went out and bought me a pair of men's skates...when I put them on today for our son's "family skate" I asked myself why I didn't buy them years ago!!
I was instantly an amazing skater...ok, maybe not amazing, but more agile and able than I ever was in figure skates.
We took Reese out on the ice too. We bundled her up, stuck her in a sled and pulled her around the ice...she absolutely loved it!

It was such a great day...I love these seems like every day is filled with "special" moments and activities!

Like skating!

So take some time for family this weekend!


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