Friday, December 12, 2008

a HUGE shout out!!

Although I haven't had the time for very much lately, I need to take the time for this...

THANK YOU so much Bree for changing my blog.

I've been in the mood for change, thought my blog was a little BLAH, and along comes Bree to revamp it for me.

I am so grateful to her for everything she has done.

I need to post some links with the "flares", but she has done the bulk of the work (like 99.37% of it).

So, thank you.

My busyness will soon be over, as my husband is currently directing our church Christmas production (and it is HUGE) and they have their last performance on Sunday!

I am looking forward to the quiet and the routine...well, I'm kidding myself because there really is no routine in our home...except for getting up every morning.

Anyhow, I pray your holidays are not too crazy and that you take the time for family. I know that I am planning on it. Maybe I'll manage to share some of our Christmas traditions with you...hopefully through a few layouts that I manage to get done while my hubby takes some much needed time off.



Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Your blog looks great - the banner is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks girl,

It's just cuz i totally adore you,
and I thought i could bless you,
even if it was just a little bit...

Anonymous said...

Girl you really need to blog more often.. I want some juicy details...