Friday, January 9, 2009

Online CROP tomorrow at Crop Suey.

I haven't posted yet this week because I've been locked up in my scraproom making some fantastic pages for a calendar class that I will be teaching with Bree next week.

I was all set to post some pics of it tonight...then realized that I took it to show Bree this morning and left it at her house...I know, I know...that's just me nowadays!

So, if you love to create, you need to check out Crop Suey's Blog and Message Board tomorrow afternoon and evening.

We are having an online crop, we will begin by posting a challenge on the Blog begin at 3pm our time (which is Mountain). Then we will have challenges posted every 2 hours. Yes, that means 5, 7,9 and 11 pm. We will decide how much steam we have left at 11pm and see where the night takes us from there!

So check it out, all of our Fabulous Crop Chicks will be there too. They are going to be taking part in the challenges and will be posting some of their own. I am really looking forward to seeing whether I am up to their challenges...I just pray the creative juices will be flowing tomorrow.

So as Bree said it "Be there or be square"...I can't believe I just wrote that...or more that I am not deleting it before I press "POST"!

See you tomorrow over at Crop Suey!!!



BeeBopp23 said...

Hi! Sounds like fun, I will be checking in to see what's up! I just wanted to let you know to go over to my blog and check this post out. I passed on this award to you!

BeeBopp23 said...

I think we would too! Our move is just right around the corner! February 9th we are getting our household goods picked up and on Feb 13th we are SOOO OUTTA HERE!!! I can't tell you how excited I am! I was talking to my mom last night and I had her cracking up, and I was just remembering that we laugh like that a lot when we are together and it just made me even more excited to get home and spend time with her!

BeeBopp23 said...

oh...I meant we are getting the good picked up on the 9th! and we leave on the 13th!

gudrun said...

Oh, the challenges over at the Crop Suey sounded SO fun! So sorry I missed it :( :(
Anyhow: Hope you had a great day.