Monday, March 1, 2010

One crop, three meals and 30 happy ladies!

Last weekend, our church hosted one of it's 3 yearly crops. It's always a huge hit and brings out so many ladies who want to catch up on their creating. I am one of two people who organize the weekend and it was a busy one for me.

I do all the cooking for around 30 people, set up and tear down and, in a brief moment of fun, teach a mixed media project of some kind.

This year, I decided to create a project that does not have any pictures on it. It was a stretch for some of the ladies to imagine spending the time and not being able to glue down any of the million pictures they still had to scrap. But, once they started creating, they had so much fun. I tried to incorporate a little something that most people who attend these crops do not normally do.

Here's the project:I used the fabulous templates from Hot Off the Press. I used "Little Birdies" and their "Fold & Stack Flowers" templates. It was fun to see the look on the ladies faces when I said they were going to make the flower and bird and it wasn't pre-made for them...priceless.

They got creating and had so much fun making their canvas.
A fun little project to change up things for some ladies!!