Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My favorite page from my weekend.

So, last weekend I spent doing what I enjoy so very much. I went on a retreat that I attend every year. It was just what I needed and just happened to be preceded by a few days in the Rocky Mountains with my fam.

Our time in Banff was so much fun. We simply relaxed in our chalet most of the time. The kids saw a doe and a buck just outside of our room as we pulled in and that was the best start to the trip. It actually made me a little nervous because the buck had 5-point antlers and was only about 5-feet away from us. I was quick to tell the kids not to move a muscle and let the animals pass.

Once in our chalet we had chickadees come to our we fed them some bread and nuts. That brought more birds...some whiskey jacks, magpies and even one very confident squirrel.

We spent our time lazing around and walking through the many shops in downtown Banff. Really, for us a trip to Banff is seldom a bore. It was really nice to get away.

Here are some pics from our trip:
What trip is complete without a tea party?

We came home from Banff on Wed evening and I headed out to my retreat on Fri afternoon. All in all a great week.

Here is my fave LO from the weekend. It a pic of my son and his ABSOLUTELY best friend in the world...TOOT (our dog)! Last week made a year that we've had's hard to believe what life was like without him in our home!


colie said...

Love it, Camille! I sure wish I had been across the table from you... It looks like you had plenty of creative juices flowing.

Jocelyn said...

Oh Camille...what perfect pics...I love the one with the tea party!!!!! WOWZA GIRLIE...that LO is just awesome!!!! What fabulous detail and the pic......TOOOOOO CUTE!!!! Wishing you a great day!!! :-)