Monday, October 19, 2009

It's crop time and time to get stuff done!!

Every fall there are so many crops that I want to attend. We host one at our church and this year I did all the cooking for the ladies who came. I also managed to get a little bit done.

They are not fabulous pages, but they are done, journaling complete and all! I also did not have all of my stuff with me, so considering those "restraints", I'm happy with the outcome.
This one is my DD's birthday gift from relatives, she had so much fun!
We planted our first family tree this was fun, the kids loved it!
Really, I don't need any other words for Reese but "Sweetheart"!
Here's my brave boy holding snakes...glad I didn't volunteer for that field trip!!

I am going to my BIG crop in a few weeks and I am already planning on taking everything (my space will be empty for the weekend and my DH will have a few days of enjoying a clean craft room!!) Those pages won't be missing any bling and "thingys"!

I'm also working on a project for all of the "teachers" in my kids' lives...there are about 20 of them between preschool, kindergarten, Sunday school and kids' clubs. Yeah...that's always a challenge to remember everyone!!


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Jocelyn said...

Love all the LO' did a Fabulous job and wow a whole weekend to create!!!! Can I come along? Wishing you a great day!!! :-)