Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In transit!

I have been a crazy lady over the last month. I have to apologize for being absent; it's all I could do to keep my head above water!

I have so much to say...

School ended, you know the parties and all that stuff.

Then our family went camping for 10 days...and on our way out to the camp, we were hit by a deer! No injury to the family, but the truck is in bad shape. We found out today that it's not a write off, but pretty close. Now our next month is being spent with a rental vehicle waiting to see how they make it look "just like new"!

Our camping trip went something like this:
Day 1: hit by deer
Day 3-5: Robert sick (fever and lethargic, sleeping 20 out of 24 hrs)
Day 6-7: Reese sick (vomitting and fever)
Day 3-7: Rain poured down almost constantly...no joke
Day 3-7: Rob had to go home to get the truck sorted out so that we could tow our trailer home
Day 7-10: Kids are better, hubby returns and the sun comes out...all in all a great weekend!

We returned from camping on the 12th.

My DH is heading out of town this Thursday for the rest of the month (laundry to do, packing to get done)

My son's 5th birthday is Sunday...his friends party is Friday (and I just started planning it yesterday)

Bree is having a Garage Sale this weekend (of which I knew about for awhile, but have not prepared for...because I have boat load of stuff to sell, now I have to get that ready for Thurs).

And...I have an all day catering affair on Saturday that I am in charge of. It's a 200 person wedding (all fancy-schmancy).

So...I can hardly believe I found the time to write all of this...now I am getting ready for bed. I will hit the ground running every day until this Sunday, when all the pressing things will have passed and I can begin to think about the great things that have happened this week.

...Bree, Nicki and I winning the Cosmo Cricket New Release Sneak Peek video contest.
Check it out HERE...I am so excited (really I am, I am just so busy to be able to enjoy the sweetness of it all)

Anyhow, off to bed. You will be hearing from me next week. Life WILL get back on track...it has to!!!!